Olympia Boxing Center
Jim Ed Jones

(703) 237-0057

Youth Boxing Program

Assert your rights against bullies.

Build confidence through

  • Physical Fitness
  • Discipline
  • Life Skills
  • Safe & Effective Boxing Techniques

Boxing training will help you to stand up for your rights and assert your feelings.

Girls & Boys/ Ages 10 to 14 ( non-contact ) 
4 day a week schedule

Call Jim Ed Jones for information @ 703-237-0057
or email olympiaboxingcenter@hotmail.com

Fitness Boxing

Low Impact Cardio Boxing

Specialized Fitness for Women

Fun, plus World class boxing techniques for self-defense.

Easy on Knees, Ankles, Hips and other Injuries.

Plus Nutritional facts for permanent weight management

3 Level Program

For More Info About Our Introductory Lesson call Coach Jim Ed Jones @ 703-237-0057

Youth Boxer ringside